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So who am I? As you probably know already from my blog name, my name is Nicola. I'm a 20 year old British girl who loves travelling, YouTube and cats. I studied Fashion, Clothing and Textile design at college. I love being creative and making things, so this was 2 years well spent!
I planned on going to University to study Fashion Styling, but took a gap year which then turned into another gap year and now I am travelling, coming to the UK to work and going away again. I'm at that time in life where you're not quite sure where you should be anymore, but hey, I'm still young and I'll figure it out when the times right. It's all about growing and finding out who you are, I know that sounds very cliché, but it's true!

I started this blog years ago, it has gone by many names but I have finally settled on this. I've always been into the blogging/YouTube'ing scene for what seems like forever. I also had a YouTube channel under a different name, making videos off my crap laptop camera - very professional, But I ended up deleting everything on there because I was in High School and would have hated it if anyone I knew saw it! haha. I see blogging as a kind of open diary, a place to write about what you got up too but also to share experiences and advice and hopefully help people who stumble across my little section of the internet. The same goes for my YouTube channel, I just want to share and create and connect.

I guess that's enough of me now :) You can find me regularly on Instagram, Twitter and my Youtube.

Thanks for stopping by...

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