Hiking Mount Batur, Bali Indonesia

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Mount Batur is the 2nd largest active volcano on the island of Bali in Indonesia. It is one of the most popular and accessible hikes for all seasons of travelers. From backpackers to avid hikers, this is suitable for everyone.
The best time to hike is right in the middle of the night so you can catch the most beautiful views of sunrise above the clouds. You will see views of Gunung Agung (the largest and most sacred volcano in Bali) and of the crater and valley below.

I am by no means a hiking enthusiast but I really enjoyed this hike! I could have done with leaving a bit earlier then we did because the sunrise started happening as we were hiking up!

Thankfully, we were out of the forest and onto the side of the volcano and were able to enjoy the sun rising from behind Mount Agung. The other plus was that we were the only people here and got to enjoy it in the peace of nature in each others company. - which is a different story if you're at the top by the crater, usually it is quite busy.

The hike wasn't challenging in my opinion but I definitely had to stop a few times to catch my breath and rest. (this is why I took so long hehe)

There is an option to get a dirt bike taxi up to a certain point if you are feeling tired. I actually used this on my way back down. I thought, as a treat for successfully climbing this mountain, I'll get the motorbike taxi back down. It was well worth it because I would probably have taken another few hours to climb down. The driver took me all the way back to my hostel which was great!

Imin arrived at the hostel not long after I got back down (he walked). If I had walked with him it definitely wouldn't have been that quick!

We stayed at the black lava hostel. You can walk a short distance to the mountain path from here. I really liked this route because it's a different path to the main one where the office is. It was much quieter on this route and we only passed a few groups of people the whole way.

This hostel has rooms as well as tents! We stayed in a tent and it was such a comfy stay. I would like to go back and enjoy staying there. They also have a hot spring which was lovely to lounge in and look out at the view.

Thank you at Adventure4Good for planning this trip! It was amazing and definitely a great travel experience and something different from what I would usually do. It is open for anyone at any hiking experience level and the views and accomplishment are 100% worth the hike.

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