Why I Use and Love Oracle Cards

Saturday, 2 November 2019

I've only recently started using oracle cards. My first encounter with them was at a breathwork session at the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud, Bali.

At the end of the session the teachers laid out 3 cards in front of us all, we could choose one to turn over, the one card that we were drawn too. I chose the middle card and the message that was on this card was so relevant to what I needed to hear at that moment!

Oracle cards are different from tarot cards. Tarot is a classic set of 78 cards that fall under the category of major or minor arcana. From there, the cards are divided into four suits. Tarot cards are studied by expert readers that can read into a persons life story.

Oracle cards are more open from the set structure of tarot. An oracle deck can be whatever the creator wants them to be - they can pick how many cards, what imagery and what purpose it is supposed to serve. The basic set up is that they have images and words, along with a book that explains ways in which a reader can interpret them.

I like using oracle cards when I am feeling down and need a message from the universe, at the end of meditation or if I'm needing some guidance in an area in my life.

I finally found some cards that I was drawn too and I wanted to share my favorite deks with you!

Work Your Light by Rebecca Campbell

I love Rebecca's books so it was a no brainer to have her deck. I absolutely love these cards. The illustrations are so stunning and the messages are beautiful. Very easy to interpret and she also has an action at the end of each explanation in the book so you can work through the message you have received.

The Divine Feminine by Meggan Watterson

I found these cards online and I loved the fact that it uses all the important, strong women from history, including Goddesses and Queen's. I've not worked as much with hese cards as my others but I look forward to using them more in the future! 

Have you ever used Oracle cards?

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