Favourite Travel Moments/Memories

Saturday, 26 October 2019

I am super grateful to be able to have enjoyed some amazing travel moments with some beautiful people! This week, I thought I would share some of my most memorable times.

When my Mum and I traveled to Bali together for the first time!

Traveling the whole of Thailand with my best friend Sophie!

Sailing around the Whitsundays in Australia.

Moving to Sydney and enjoying the stunning beaches.

Caring for elephants at a sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

Skydiving in Australia.

Traveling Malaysia with my love!

Exploring Gili Air by bicycle with my Sister.

Traveling around Vietnam with Imin

Driving up the East Coast of Australia in a campervan with Daia.

Going to Singapore and having fun at Universal Studios for my birthday with Imin.

Going to Lombok for Nyepi and having the best 2 weeks ever!

Climbing my first Volcano with my love.

I feel so lucky to have experienced such amazing things and I can't wait to carry on the adventures in the future!

What are your favorite travel moments?

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