The Boy from Sumatra

Saturday, 9 March 2019

A deep earthy the sunlight, they glisten and I can see the essence of you.
The scar under your right eye slightly distorts your skin, a memory of the crazy adventures you embark on.

Your free and calm soul relaxes me and helps me to grow and be better. A reminder to slow down and be present. Your presence gives me such joy. In silence, we sit comfortably a sense of grounding flows when I'm by your side.

Sometimes 7,766 miles apart. My heart grows fonder, Counting down the days,

Your love for me gives me butterflies every day, as I wait for you to return from the cascading waterfalls. A warm and long embrace.
A spark and sharing of energy when our skin touches, I feel at Home.

How wonderful that our souls could collide when we were born both lands and seas apart, in cultures and lives so different.
We came together to create our own story.

You have done more for me then you realise, and more then what I Thank You and acknowledge you for, an now you are mine forever.

Thank You and Happy Birthday My Love

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