My Favourite Co-Working Spaces in Bali

Saturday, 23 March 2019

I love to go to a co-working space when I'm in need of getting a serious workload done and I need a good wifi connection!
There are lots of new co-working spaces popping up around Bali now, as the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming the norm of most travellers.
Most of these spaces offer daily and monthly memberships. My 2 favourite co-working spaces are both very affordable when it comes to the daily rate. I find some places here in Bali are still quite pricy for daily rates!

At the moment I choose daily over a monthly membership because I have not got constant work and clients. I think once my business is growing more I will invest in a monthly membership because personally, I find going to a co-working space very beneficial to me and my workflow!
In that environment, I feel I get so much more done.

Biliq Bali Co-Sharing Space, Seminyak

Biliq has got to be my favourite place to work! It's a small but comfy area with a great outdoor space (with a dip pool) and a nap room!

This is a very affordable co-working in Bali only being 30k (£1.60) an hour or 150k (£8) for the whole day.
The staff here are sooo friendly and welcoming, this I think is one of the major plus to coming here! They also have a little cafe where you can order amazing smoothie bowls for 60k (£3) and barista coffee to keep you awake while you're working hard.

There are also 2 skype booths and some private meeting rooms as well as an open plan working area. There is also a kitchen with some free snacks, water, tea and instant coffee.

I've also found that Biliq is never that busy - which I find some of the big co-working places are, I find that a bit distracting sometimes!

Tropical Nomad Co-Working, Canggu

Tropical Nomad is situated in Canggu, which is perfect for me because it's close enough that I can drive myself!
They are newly open and it is a beautifully designed place. Open plan and very breezy, definitely getting the tropical vibes while there!

The day pass for here is 180k (£9) a bit more expensive than Biliq but still the cheapest you can find in Canggu. There is also a little kitchen where you can make tea or coffee and get fresh water and some snacks!

They have Skype booths you can rent and also air-conditioned meeting rooms upstairs if you don't want to be in the open plan, fan area downstairs.
I believe they have now also opened up a little cafe here where you can get barista coffee amongst other things.

I went to this co-working space during their soft opening a few months ago. It wasn't so busy then so hopefully, it hasn't got too busy since I was last there! I like this place because it's so close to where I live so it saves the longer drive to Seminyak to Biliq.

Matra Co-Working & Co-Living, Berawa

Matra is a new fave on my list! I recently found this one (after I had written this post!) and it is great value for money!

Located in Berawa, close to Canggu, Matra is a co-working space with a coffee shop for your food and coffee needs and also a guesthouse.
The co-working space and cafe is at the top of the building, with 360 views of Bali and large windows which circulate the air and keep it nice and cool. There are also 2 aircon rooms if you want some more privacy also.

The price here is great and the cheapest I have seen so far! They have lots of different plans, but the daily rate is 100k (£5.30) which includes 3 printing pages credits, free tea/coffee and 5% off at the cafe.
They also have 3hours for 50k (£2.60) and that price goes towards food or drinks off the menu. Another daily plan is 70k (£3.70) for 6 hours, locker, printing credit and 70k goes towards food or drinks off the menu.

I love this space, it is airy and quiet and a great price!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and hopefully, this is helpful to you if you are a digital nomad looking for the best place to work while in Bali!

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