A Love Letter to Bali

Saturday, 15 December 2018

The island of the Gods. One island out of 17, 508 that makes up the archipelago of Indonesia. 7,721 miles away from my hometown where I grew up.
How did I end up here?
It definitely wasn't planned, but that's how the universe works. The best things come unexpectedly. I fell in love, not only with the place but with another soul. This island crossed our paths so perfectly. I guess that's what you call divine timing.

Bali, I love how you smell. That faint scent of incense always lingering in the air, the warm Indonesian air circulating around me. Even the smell of petrol and exhaust fumes all mix in to create your unique smell.

Bali, I love the ring of ceremonies that echo through the air. There is always something going on and always a noise to remind you of the life that is bustling throughout this place. The roosters that sing in the morning, to the dog barking down the gang and every now and then the obnoxious loud exhaust of a custom motorbike.

Bali, I love your culture. The Hindu lifestyle that reflects the daily life of the people here and I love the mix of religions that live here peacefully side by side as neighbours.
The little offerings with brightly coloured flowers and candies dotted along the sidewalk. The sound of the prayers from the temple echoing down the street and the genuine smiles from the people who were born here.

Bali, I love the vast landscapes you have side by side. The green and lush rice paddies amongst the concrete jungle of the city. The palm trees that line the beach of the ocean and the tropical jungle with magical waterfalls and wildlife.

"When I follow my heart, I wake up in Bali."

Most of all I love that you bought me here. The strange pull that this island has that keeps everyone returning and settling their feet here for a's mystical and wonderful.

Thank You for being my new found home.

Photos by Unsplash

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