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Saturday, 17 November 2018

I had the opportunity to drive from Sydney to Brisbane over 2 weeks with Travellers Autobarn in their chubby camper van.
I've always wanted to try living and travelling in a van and the perfect opportunity came up, to visit Australia again and try the Van Life. 2 bucket list items ticked!

When I was in Bali I met this wonderful girl called Daia (@daialarie). We were out for breakfast the day she was flying to Australia. She was telling me all about the trip when she asked: "Do you want to come?".

Most of the time when someone asks something last minute when it comes to travel, Your first response is "I'd love to, but I can't...blah blah". But this time I thought about it and I had nothing holding me back from not saying yes...So I said yes and that same day I booked my flights, excited to start a new adventure in the land of Oz.

Our route was from Sydney to Brisbane over 2 weeks. Which is plenty of time seeing as it takes about 10 hours straight to drive there.
Time to stop off at stunning beaches (which Australia is not in short of!), drive through the national forests and jungles, see the wildlife - including some BIG snakes in the road, and some much needed time to shop!

This is the van we lived in for the entire 2 weeks! It was very comfortable to sleep in and we had this great little kitchen in the back. Travellers Autobarn provided the kitchen equipment, including a gas stove and kitchen plates/utensils, so we were able to cook along our journey, saving us a lot of money! It was awesome taking out the stove and cooking breakfast at the beach every morning!
There was lots of storage space under the bed so we were able to store all our belongings easily.

I loved living in the van and being able to go anywhere we wanted and having the comfort of our 'home' and belongings so close by. If you ever forgot something while we were out, we could so easily go back and get it! 
Parking up at the beach and waking up to a beautiful sunrise across the ocean was another highlight of the trip.  

We stopped off at some beautiful locations. We even drove up into the mountains that were surrounded by rainforest, waterfalls and amazing wildlife. This was also the same place we bogged our van in a field and very luckily managed to get a passerby to tow us out!

(yup, this picture is what got our van stuck on the grass haha)

Hiring a campervan and driving around Australia is an absolute must! I would love to do it again and explore more of Australia that I have never been before. It is so easy to do it in Australia and one of the best ways I have ever travelled! Even though sometimes you go a few days without a proper shower! haha..But that's all part of the Adventure...

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