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Saturday, 13 October 2018

4 days ago I was chatting with a friend who told me she is going to Australia and will be driving from Sydney to Brisbane in a camper van, stopping off along the way at all the beautiful spots the east coast of Australia has to offer.

She said, "Hey, why don't you come too?" I had a think about it, I don't have any work commitments right now and I've always wanted to do the 'Van Life' and I've been dying to go back to Australia...So this is the best time to just say "F*ck it, Yeah I will!"
That same day I booked a flight to Sydney and here I am! As you're reading this I would have just arrived in Sydney this morning.

I am so excited to go on this 2-week adventure, driving up the coast of Australia and seeing it all again! This time it will be different though because we will be driving in a camper van and will be able to take the scenic route at our own pace and even stop at places I have never been before.

I am super excited to go back to Sydney. The last time I was there was almost 3 years ago, Back then I was living in the city and I absolutely loved it! I'm also keen to do a bit of shopping while I'm back too.
Also, this trip to Sydney has fallen at the perfect time because it is my good friends Birthday so I will be able to surprise her after not seeing her for 3 years!

I think it is super important to take opportunities that arise. Even if they scare you a little bit, we have to live our lives! Say yes to things that excite you, things you've always wanted to do. What better time is there except for now?
Sure this trip will be a little pricey, but better to spend my money doing something adventurous and something I've always wanted to do, rather than on my general living costs in Bali doing the same old thing.

Be spontaneous, say yes to new opportunities, don't let fear or self-doubt or what you feel about your self-image hold you back from living a wonderful life.

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Photo Credit: Unslpash

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