6 Ways to Make Your Life Better

Saturday, 27 October 2018

We all get stuck in a bad routine sometimes and we neglect the things that make us feel good! Or we dwell on situations and get into a rut of feels.
Here are 6 ways to instantly make your life better!

1. Grab a book, turn off your phone and get into the comfiest space in your house and enjoy this time alone to read and nourish your mind. Bonus points for if it's a self-help book!

2. Tell someone you care about how much you love and appreciate them. Not only will this make you feel so much better, but it will also make them feel fantastic!
It's so easy in this day and age to forget to be grateful for what you have already in your life and the wonderful people you have around you. 

3. Keep your phone on night mode and turn it on silent. I always have my phone in this setting and it helps so much with not getting distracted by my phone. When you hear that little chime and the screen lights up, we all have now an automatic response to look straight at the device. It's awful! You know once you hear that lil' bing you'll want to pick it up. So keep it on silent. 
If someone needs to get in contact urgently, they will call you and in settings, you can keep the phone call option ticked so it will ring.

4. Get out in nature! Go outside and 'breathe in that good ass prana baby' (Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters - if you know, you know haha).
Every day spend some time outside, take your shoes off and ground yourself, feel the earth between your toes! Go for a walk in the park or down the beach, or through the forest. Even better to enjoy this with a loved one, Some quality time for the both of you.

5. Start seeing the brighter side to situations and recognise when a negative thought it coming in. In situations when you're feeling angry or annoyed, It is so easy to quickly react in a bad way. Which does no good to you and defiantly no good to the person on the other end of that! When a situation arises and you start to feel a bad emotion, take a few seconds to breathe and think about this. Ask yourself, is it worth getting upset over? The answer is most likely no. There is a solution to everything and a lesson to be learned from every bad situation. Smile and move on.

6. Keep a clean and tidy space around you. When your house is cluttered and your laundry is piled so high you can't even see the laundry basket anymore, this is not a productive and calm environment to be in. Always take the time to clean up after yourself and keep things in their place. It will make you feel so much better and more relaxed in your home! As my Gran always told me - "Don't put it down, put it away!"

I hope some of these points I have made today resonate with you and you can start implementing them into your daily life. 

Photo cred: Unsplash

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