My Experience Coming Off The Pill

Sunday, 9 September 2018

As we grow into Woman we are likely to turn to the contraceptive pill for a magnitude of reasons and not just for the birth control aspect. There are many contraceptives out there that can help to regulate your hormones, but today I will be talking about my experience on the Pill.

The first time I went on to the pill was when I was 14 years old. This was to help with my bad skin that I had started to develop in my teen years and also to help with the pain I was feeling during my monthly menstruation.
The first pill I tried was the 'Combined pill'. This is a mix of 2 hormones called estrogen and progestogen. You get a packet of 21 pills and once you have finished that set, you break for 7 days and have your period. Then you continue your next packet of pills.

I was on this pill until the age of 18 when I decided to change to the 'Mini Pill'. This pill is a progesterone only pill that you take every day with no breaks. This pill is more likely to mean you won't have a period at all. Which I was drawn to, especially since I was planning on going travelling and didn't want to have to deal with having a period. My sister was on this pill for a few years and would never get a period. So I thought I would give it a try myself.

This pill never worked for me in the way I was hoping, I still would have a small period and spotting throughout taking this pill. Which is actually a very common effect on this pill.
I started to track my period about a year before I came off the pill and realised every 2 months I would have a period. Then after a while, my body wasn't following this pattern and I had a period which lasted for a whole month.
I visited a gynaecologist and he told me I had a hormone imbalance. He prescribed me norethisterone which is a series of pills that will stop your period within 2 days then about 2-3 days after taking the course of this medicine your period will come.
My period came and lasted a week and then I thought I was back to normal. However a month later the same thing happened and I had a period which lasted longer than the 'normal' 7 days.

It was after this that I decided to stop taking my pill altogether. I had been on this pill for 7 years already and I thought at the age of 21 I want to get to know what my body does naturally and surely these pills can't be doing me much good after that long.

The following month, my period came and it only lasted 4 days in total. Then the subsequent months after that I have a period every month that lasts only 4 days! I was so surprised how my body naturally went into a flow and I have never had a period that only lasts 4 days!
I have been using an app called Flo to track my cycle. It has been very accurate so far. Every day I input how I am feeling if I have any symptoms, what my discharge is like - These are all things that can indicate what part of your cycle you are at.
Since coming off the pill I have really started to understand what my body does during my cycle. Which can really explain why you may be feeling a certain way. Whether that is irritable and sad to frisky and broody! It's all down to your hormones.
It's amazing being in tune with my body like this and I feel so free now that I am not relying on any of these synthetic drugs.
Another thing I noticed right away was how mentally I just felt so much lighter. I feel like I laugh at things so much more and I don't feel like I get annoyed at things as easily. My mood has just generally been so much better.

It has currently been 9 months off my Pill and it is definitely the best thing I have done! Being in touch with my body and understanding how it feels and being natural is the best thing for me!
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