My Top 5 Airport Hacks

Saturday, 18 August 2018

I spend a lot of time in Airports. From working in one for 3 years and constant travel for the past 3 years, I have learnt how to make the most out of your time there and how to make it all go smoothly.

Travelling through airports can be stressful and expensive. These hacks can help you to have an easy journey while travelling.

1. You haven't weighed your suitcase yet, you're afraid it will be overweight. There is a machine that costs £3 to weigh it, you don't have any coins on you. Stress - but wait, there is an empty check-in desk...Yes, that's right, you can put your suitcase on an empty luggage belt to weigh your suitcase. They never turn off. Just make sure you go to an empty desk.

2. Your toiletry bag can sometimes be the heaviest thing in your bag! Or maybe you have hand luggage only and are restricted to 100ml? - A couple weeks before you fly, go to and order all your holiday bits. This way you can save space in your checked in luggage and beat the 100ml cap on liquids. Just make sure you send the order to a Boots Airside store. This means it is being sent to the store that is in the departure lounge past security. Another important thing to remember is to order in plenty of time before you fly. It will take on the earliest, 5 days for your order to be sent through security.
Oh, and don't forget to leave room in your hand luggage bag for all your new bits!

3. There are tons of airport lounges which boast fast reliable internet and some restaurants in airports have a wifi code for diners. Is the free airport wifi just not connecting for you and being super slow? Well turns out there is a map created by FoXnoMad which has all the passwords from airports and lounges around the world. If you've got a long layover and you're stuck in the terminal, all you have to do is sit close by one of the lounges to reap the benefits of their fast wifi. You can view the full map here, it is updated regularly.

4. Want some delicious Indian food at a super cheap price? This is a specific airport hack, but so worth it if you're travelling through. At Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur airport, the arrivals hall leads into a shopping mall and a bus station downstairs. Head to the bus station and on the left, there is the capsule hotel (fab place to stay on a layover!) and on the right, tucked away at the end of the room is a Malaysia Indian canteen. I can't believe I never found this place before out of all the times I have stayed at KUL airport! It was mainly staff eating down there, so it's definitely not the most known place. Down here I had the yummiest plate of Indian food. I had dhal, veg curry, roti, rice, popadoms and a drink for 14MYR/£2.68! You definitely can't find this food, at this price, with this range of veggie options in the main terminal.

5. Thirsty? Don't want to pay extortionate prices for a bottle of water? Bring an empty reusable water bottle with you. Then once you're thru security find the water re-fill station. You can also bring your bottle to a resturant for them to fill up if they don't have water fountain stations.

I hope these airport hacks whee useful to you and maybe some that are new to you! I will definitely be using all these hacks next time I travel!

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