2018 Summer Wishlist

Saturday, 26 May 2018

I'm back in England for the summer and can't wait to do some shopping and pick up some new bits!

I am wanting to overhaul my skincare routine. I have been using LUSH and Superdrug own, however,  in Bali I am not able to pick up those brands here!
In Bali, they do have a Body Shop. The Body Shop is vegan and has great quality products so i am going to start using their skin care line. I am liking the sound of the Vitimin E range. I think I'm going to pop into the store and see if I can get some testers and see how my skin feels using some new products.

I can't wait to get into the shops and stock up on some new summer clothes! In Bali, I don't go shopping often, and I only have 1 suitcase full of clothes; I am wearing the same things over and over, and get bored of my wardrobe quickly!
I can't wait to pop into Primark when I'm back and find some cute tops. I'm also looking to get an oversized black denim jacket. I found this white one with a large design on the back from Boohoo which I love!
Also, I want to pick up a few more maxi dresses. Easy, flowy and cute dresses that I can wear day and night time.

Let me know in the comments what shops you've been loving recently for their summer collections and what is on your summer wishlist?

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