My Meditation Practice & tips for Beginners

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Meditation is a practice where a person focuses their mind on a particular object, thought or activity. It can help to achieve mental clarity and an emotionally calm state, as well as a higher conciseness.
The first recorded history of meditation goes back to the 5th-6th century predominately in the east originating from Vedantism, a Hindu tradition. Other forms where also developed in Taoist China and Buddhist India.

My practice with meditation started when I was struggling with my mental health, I found it was a way to try and focus and learn to calm my thoughts. I have involved meditating in my daily life on and off over the years since.
I still use meditation as a way to calm my thoughts but also as a time to speak positive affirmations and practice gratitude. While also controlling my breathing which aids in relaxing and calming you. It also reaps health benefits such as healing in your body and cellular health.

I found it useful to use guided meditations like the headspace app, However now I have developed a new practice which really works for me, Which I'm going to share with you. It's best to start your day early and with meditation. It's a great way to focus your mind and feel refreshed and ready for the day.

1. Start by finding some relaxing music that feels good to you. Ive been really into 528hz music or other frequency music, Like this - 528hz | Open Heart Chakra | Love Frequency and 528hz | Anxiety Cleanse | Stop Overthinking, Worry & Stress

2. Find a quiet and comfortable spot. Lay down a yoga mat or a blanket to get comfy, laying on your back with your feet together and knees apart, or your legs out straight in front of you. Place one hand on your heart chakra (left of chest) and one hand on your sacral chakra (lower abdomen)

3. Start by breathing deeply and purposely. Breathe all the way in and out, feeling the rise of your tummy under your hand. Continue until your mind starts to clear and your just focused on your breaths. If your mind wanders, it's okay. Just make sure you direct your thoughts back to your breath.

4. Once your mind is focused you can start your positive affirmations, with each breathe in and out speak in your mind your affirmation, for example - "Today will be a productive and happy day. Today I accept love. Today I accept love for myself and my body. Today I will be love, I am love to everyone I meet. Today will be successful. I am inspired, worthy and unstoppable."

5. Continue with the deep breaths and just be aware of the feelings in your body. Is your back feeling tight today? Can you feel the light breeze over your skin? Be present in the moment with yourself. Accept these feelings and move forward. Keep your mind focused and your breathing deep and consistent.

6. Now start your gratitude practice. With each breath in and out speak in your mind what you are grateful for today - "Today I am grateful for waking up and being able to be me. Today I am grateful for the sun to be shining." List of everything you feel grateful for in your life or what's around you that makes up the world you live in. Really feel each thing you say and feel deep inside the gratitude for that.

7.  Carry on your deep breaths and taking in the feelings of your body until you feel ready to sit up.

8. With your eyes shut and still breathing deeply, slowly sit up cross legged on your mat. Continue the deep breaths and slowly roll your head from side to side to eliminate any tightness in the neck. Twist your torso to and look backwards to stretch the back.

9. Now go onto your knees and lay in child's pose. This helps to stretch the hips and the thighs, while also loosening the back.

10. From here go into downward facing dog and gently life one heel and lower the other and repeat to stretch your calves and hamstrings.

11. Lower back into child's pose and continue your deep conscious breathing with your eyes still shut.

12. Go back to the crosslegged sitting position and rest your palms facing upwards and open. Repeat the mantra "I am open for love and manifesting all I desire".

13. Place your palms together and hold them in front of your chest. Feel the love flowing through you and be thankful, continue being conscious of your breathing and your thoughts. Be mindful.

14. Raise your palms together on your forehead and place your thumb on your third eye, Breathe deeply and with purpose, flowing this breath through your third eye and through your body.

15. Hold that thumb on one nostril to close it off and breathe deeply 5 times through the open nostril. This is called the 'Deer Seal' it comes from the pranayama practice of breathing techniques. It can reduce anxiety, increase antioxidant levels and cure a mild headache. Repeat with the other nostril.

16. Place your hands onto your chest and feel all the love gratitude and positivity that you have applied during your meditation and say "I love you, I'm Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank You." Say this to the universe, to yourself, just mean it and believe it and feel it. This comes from the Ho'oponopono technique. You can read more about it here.

17. Finally, slowly open your eyes and smile.

That is how I meditate, while also incorporating some easy yoga to stretch and wake up my body. The time is takes to do this totally depends on you. For me usually about 15 minutes. I don't set a timer or set out to mediate for x amount of time, I just go with what my mind and body feels is enough in the moment.

"The mind is like water. When it's turbulent, it's difficult to see. When it's calm, everything becomes clear."

Meditation can be tailored completely to you, You could use it all day everyday, like when you're at work and feeling agitated. Take a minute to close your eyes and breathe and regain your clarity. You could use it as a tool to go deep into your consciousness and be heavily in a mediated state. For me I am yet to reach that point because my mind wanders and daydreams, but it's totally possible. Here are a list of 23 types of meditation. Don't feel like you have to be or do any of those things, your practice is totally personal to you.

I hope my tips and walkthrough of what my meditation practice is have helped you in anyway. If you have any questions please get in contact with me.

Namaste ☮

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