Top 5 Inflight Travel Essentials

Saturday, 13 January 2018

In the past 2 years, I have been on countless flights. Flying all around the world, sometimes for over 12 hours! I have now come to realise exactly what I need on the flights to keep me comfortable and entertained.

1. First I have to have my trusty travel pillow and sarong. This travel pillow is reversible, so it can be a neck support pillow but also a normal square pillow. The sarong is my absolute must have as a makeshift blanket to keep you warm when they have the air-con on full blast!

2. 100% I need my iPad! I love to use it for my music, books and movies! My favourite apps is the iBooks app, I have read sooo many amazing books on here and most of them I've download for free or 99p. Spotify Premium, so you can download your fave playlist and play it while not connected to the internet. And of course Netflix, you can download movies to watch offline, which has been a travelling game changer!

3. Don't forget the headphones and the portable charger! You can't always guarantee your seat on the plane to have a charging point for your devices. 

4. Gotta have a little notebook in pen for journaling or those genius ideas that pop to your mind!

5. Lastly I need some skincare to keep me feeling refreshed. I usually take the moisturiser for long haul flights, so I can remove all my makeup, moisture up and look after my skin because it's very dehydrating up there. and of course the hand sanitiser because you never know what germs someone has left behind! 

Thats my top 5 inflight essentials! There are a few more things that I always take with me on a flight but these things are the things I can't fly without! If you're interested in what else I take in my hand luggage, check out my YouTube video below.
What do you take with you while travelling? Comment below!

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