How I Stay Motivated and Get Sh*t Done

Saturday, 23 December 2017

It is sooooo easy to fall into procrastination me, I know - serial procrastinator over here! When you're working from home, a budding entrepreneur, or just trying to get your all your assignments done before the due date, you need to keep yourself motivated and organised to keep on track.
When your organised and in a focused mind set, you can wizz through that to do list that you've been putting off so you can watch just 'one more' episode of that show on Netflix. You'll feel so much more accomplished and in control when you follow this!
Ive gotta say i'm not perfect, sometimes even i need a reminder to get my arse into gear and stop procrastinating and get sh*t done. Here's how...

1. Starting off, you have to write your self a to do list the night before! Night before is key, so when it comes to the morning, you can look at the list and know exactly what you have to do. Don't make it too long, you don't want to overwhelm yourself. Stick with 10 tasks and order them in importance. Sometimes I even include 'shower, get dressed, breakfast' on my list, because i love the feeling of being able to tick something off the list.

2. Get up early, no sleeping in or snoozing the alarm clock. Get up, feel fresh and start the day! It's best you try and get everything done in the morning so you can have that afternoon to relax and do as you please.

3. Gentle yoga and meditation. Stretching out your body and loosening it up after a long sleep is a great mood booster. I also love to do meditation. I usually use a guided meditation, like the headspace app, however recently i've got into doing my own meditation. I use a high vibrational frequency music on youtube and play that in the background. Focusing on keeping my breathing under control, i set my intention for the day and repeat positive affirmations. I also use this time to list of the things i am grateful for to the universe. Doing these things in a state of meditation is powerful, because you are fully focused on that and putting your energy into the words and thoughts. 
I feel so refreshed and focused after doing this meditation and leads me to be calmer in the day and helps in the way i react to stressful situations. 

4. Shower and get dressed. Don't laze around in your pj's. Even though you may be working from home, you'll feel more comfortable and refreshed and in the right state of mind to work if you do.

5. Set yourself a tidy and relaxed work area, Preferably not in bed. Use a high table and chair with back support so you don't find yourself slouching over your laptop all day. Make sure you have everything you need around you, a large bottle of water, your to do list and a pen. Everything you need to get your work done. 

6. Tidy up the area around you. Clean space, clean mind 

7. Work in intervals. I recently heard of the 'Pomodoro Technique' developed by Francesco Cirillo, You work in 25 minitue intervals with a short break in between. It's a good way to allocate time to each task, so you don't end up spending all day on one thing and also great for giving yourself a break from the computer screen and refresh your mind. I'm yet to try this exact method, but I think it will work really well for me, to keep me in control of what tasks I'm on.

8. Get some healthy snacks! Nothing is worse than trying to work while hungry.

10. If you're finding it difficult to focus at home, or you're working at home so much, you need a change of scenery, Head down to your fave coffee shop or café. Make sure it's not too busy or loud and make sure you have a good wifi connection, and you're set to go! I love doing this to give me a fresh sense of motivation...and you can have some yummy food!

11. In terms of motivation to finish what you set out to do, just remind yourself why you started in the first place. That sense of accomplishment when you finally finish something will feel great! 

"Success doesn't come from something you do occasionally, it comes from something you do consistently."

Lets start 2018 on the right foot and kick procrastination to the kerb! I hope some of these tips can inspire you, it's defiantly something i will have to refer back to myself when i'm having a un-motivated day. 
When you work at home or you're your own boss, you need to keep your self on track, to keep growing in your business or studies and be successful, don't worry you've got this!

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