The Stunning Gili Islands // Lombok, Indonesia

Saturday, 11 November 2017

I spent 4 days & 3 nights on the beautiful Gili Islands in Lombok. A nice lil holiday, from a holiday haha. We stayed at the Camilla Resort on Gili Air, enjoying a beautiful wooden style 'house' with our own private pool!

The resort offered us free bikes to use during our stay which was fantastic to get out there and explore the small island. Occasionally having to get off and push when the path turned into beach.

We spent most of our time cycling, enjoying the view, taking photos and swimming. Of course stopping off to witness the renowned sunsets, with the remarkable view of Lombok's Mount Rinjani dominating the landscape. (You can witness this in my vlog, keep your eyes peeled down below!)

Sweet coconut tree's everywhere, The best view.

Spent one day out on the ocean sailing between all 3 of the Gili Islands to stop off at the best snorkeling spots. I love to be out and swimming in the ocean and i was lucky enough to see 3 large Turtles in their natural habitat. Unfortunately didn't get any photos..(GoPro for Xmas please Santa<3)

Next, we headed off to Gili Trawangan; the largest of the 3 Gili Islands, for 1 night. Staying at Ombok Homestay a small and simple place to stay, but with friendly staff and great pancakes for breakfast.

Again, we rented bikes and spent the day cycling the island. We came across this random almost abandoned bar. No body was there and it looked like no body had been there in ages!
This place has a large piece of land and beach with views for the sunset, so it's a shame that this place isn't bustling.

We decided to get a drink here to help 'keep the local places open' haha. Only people there in a deserted beach bar, good times :D

Listen out for the bells of a traditional Cidomo 'taxi'.

Dinner at Casa Vintage Beach. Sitting on the beach on a blanket with a warm bonfire crackling in front. Perfect dinner with perfect company.

I had a lovely time in the Gili Islands, Had a bumpy boat ride back to Bali though! I'm excited to go and explore other parts of Indonesia now. There are even more beautiful islands which are untouched by tourism...That's next on the wish list.

Photographer: Supersmarindo & Me


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