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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Matcha Cafe hasn't been open long but it's already made its mark on the Canggu foodie scene.

I first found matcha on Instagram and instantly thought, i need to go here! Offering healthy all day breakfast and lunch with matcha twist on some of the menu's items.  I've never had matcha before so i was exited to try what they have to offer.

Matcha Caramel Coconut Ice

Matcha is high grade green tea in powdered form. Originating from Japan, it is first seen as a ceremonial tea - 'The Way of Tea' as they call it. Being prepared in an almost mediative fashion. The powdered green tea is put into a traditional Chawan bowl, add a splash of hot water and whisk the powder to a paste with a Chasan - bamboo whisk. Add more water to the bowl and stir and flick with the whisk until matcha is incorporated and there is a frothy layer on top.

Matcha Cafe is situated between views of green rice fields which fits perfectly with the chill neutral decor inside. Big windows leave a cool breeze coming through while you enjoy your brunch on a sunny Balinese afternoon.

Classic avo on seeded toast with spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & watercress

Best avo on toast i've had in ages! Super yummy and perfectly ripe avocados.

Protein Pak Brekkie - Sweet potato toast, two eggs, spinach broccoli, cheddar hollandaise, avo and mushrooms.

First time trying sweet potato toast, Genius! Tasted amazing and a fab change to just having toast. 

Matcha Vegan Nutella Pancakes with blueberries and matcha ice cream.

Okay this tasted soooo good. So sweet and soft, perfect stack of pancakes for the sweet tooth lover.

Matcha Tropical - Matcha, mango, pineapple, dragon fruit & coconut milk.

100% head down to Matcha Cafe, it is wonderful! Just writing this blog post i'm drooling over the pancakes! Need to go back ASAP. If you visit this cute little place, comment down below and let me know how you found it and what you ate. 

Thanks for stopping by, I love you MATCHA <3

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