CRATE Cafe - Canggu, Bali

Saturday, 18 November 2017

If you want tasty food in the hippest place in the Gu, you've come to the right place...
Crate cafe is on the list of my fave places to eat in Bali. If you want a yummy breakfast and delicious smoothies, look no further! This place is always busy with a steady stream of Canggu surfer hipsters lined up to order and get their coffee fix.

The smoothies here are superb and even better since they use bamboo straws and say #NoToPlastic. These smoothies are 'Go Fruity Self' - strawberry, pineapple & banana + 'Surfs Up' - mango, pineapple & lime.
The decor is kept simple, giving an industrial feel to the place but adds character and fits perfectly with the Canggu vibe.

'Peas Please' is my go to from the CRATE menu. Peas, feta, spinach, avo, poached eggs and pesto on toast. The flavors mix together so well and is a perfect protein-packed breakfast to get you going.

'So Corny' - Corn fritter and salsa with salmon and poached eggs. My boyfriends fave off the menu.

'Shrooms' - Sauteed mushrooms & aioli on toast. Simple yet sooo scrumptious! The mushrooms are sauteed with garlic and onion and cooked to perfection on top of some freshly toasted bread. YUM.

 My top smoothie at CRATE is the ' Too Good 4 U' - Dragon fruit, strawberries & banana.

'The Melville' - Bruschetta, halloumi, avocado & poached egg on toast. This is a fab flavorsome light meal. Perfect for brunching!

I would 100% recommend eating at Crate cafe, it has wonderful food and great vibes. The only downside is it's sometimes it's hard to find a seat because it's so busy and popular! However CRATE has moved to a new location in Canggu, and having driven past it, I can see it is much bigger than the current building so perhaps the issues with not enough seating will be resolved in the new location. 
On the flip side, you will have an awesome breakfast and leave satisfied.

If you're in the Gu then head down to CRATE...Tell them Nicola sent you ;)

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