My Experience Skydiving in Australia

Saturday, 7 October 2017

I have always said i would love to do a skydive but i would never have the guts to do it. However that all changed when my friend won a skydive for the both of us. I honestly still can't believe that i did this! We went skydiving with Sydney Skydivers, jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft high, with a view of the blue mountains, Sydney city skyline and the coast.

When you arrive you meet your skydive partner and they explain all the safety procedures and instruct you on what will happen and what you need to do. You will be fitted with your harness and all equipment.

Smiling here but the nerves are there! This is it, we are almost at 15,000ft

At this point I'm watching all the people I'm with falling out the plane before me and i have to say the nerves really rocket. From when the plane takes off you just feel sick, thinking 'am i really doing this?' 

I was really expecting this moment to feel like falling, You know in a dream when you fall and you get that terrible feeling but you don't get that at all. From the second he let go and we fell out the plane all fear, all nerves left me. Just like that.
I would recommend tightly tie up your hair, as you can see the 2nd we are out my hair comes out its band and straight in my instructors face hahaha.

Honestly, i can't even remember what this part felt like anymore because you don't free fall like this for that long. My instructor had a go pro tied to his wrist which took photos automatically. This is the best photo i have of the free fall. The rest of them are rather hilarious and very unflattering as you can imagine when you're falling at 120mph.

This was after the parachute had been released. This was amazing, it feels like you're just sitting in the air. You have a lot of time to look around and absorb your surroundings. It feels so peaceful and calm.

Back to Earth. On your way to land the instructor tells you to hold your legs up in front of you, I remember i wasn't holding my legs properly so i let go to hold them up again and the instructor shouted at me "Put your legs up!" We weren't close to the ground yet but of course he knows better! hahaha. The landing was very smooth, you just slid across the grass on your bum, that's why its important to hold your legs out the way.

The minute i landed i wanted to do it all over again! It was a fantastic experience and i would urge anyone to try it at least once in their life. Feels like nothing you could imagine and not as scary as you make out in your head before hand. At the end you receive a certificate and money off your next skydive. You also get a USB with all your photos, a great way to look back on the memory and laugh at the unattractive photos.

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