A Day in Photos #6 - Norwich

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Took a day trip to Norwich for lunch, shopping and an explore. Norwich has a great vibe and loads of places to eat for a vegan! Even found an all veggie/vegan supermarket. Managed to pick up tempe, which i've been looking for for ages! 
There are some great little independent shops. I found this lovely tea and coffee shop where they had all the herbs and flowers in jars and the would measure out loose tea for you to take home and also a variety of coffee beans which they could grind for you also. I was recommended by a friend of mine to go to Head in the Clouds, a kind of hippy shop. I loved it there! Bought some beautiful Tibetan prayer scarfs, crystals, jewellery and incense. Also a new small incense burner, perfect to take travelling.

I would recommend visiting Norwich and would defiantly head back there myself, i didn't spend long enough there! I also have a vlog coming to my YouTube soon about my day in Norwich so be sure to keep an eye out and subscribe to my channel to et updates when i upload! Youtube: iAmNicolaJoan

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