How I Get Out of a Rut

Saturday, 26 August 2017

We all get in a negative head space every now and then and we need to sometimes push ourselves to get out of the rut you're in! There are a few things i like to do when i'm feeling this way to get me back in the headspace i need to feel happy and be motivated. 

1. If you've ever read The Secret, you will know all about the Law of Attraction and how the thoughts and feelings you put out into the universe is what you attract back. So when i'm feeling negative and i'm not using the Law of Attraction to my benefit, i always pick up my book and start reading it. I have marked pages over the years i have read it so i can refer back to it at another stage and it really helps. A fresh reminder on how to think and inspire you to be better really helps. Also watch YouTube videos about people who are using The Secret and how it benefits them to inspire you.

2. Type in motivational video into YouTube and let it play while you're getting ready in the morning, listening to this will get you pumped and motivated to get your shit together and start being happy and to live life! I also love TedTalks, there is a huge selection of great inspirational people talking, all on YouTube.

3. This is an easy one, but putting on your favourite music or playlist just ignites something inside of you. Get up and dance, sing as loud as you can and get your energy up!

4. When I'm in a negative headspace, i do a lot of thinking, which in turn gives me a headache and makes all the shit going around my head worse. What i do is grab my notebook and write down everything that is going around my head and how i'm feeling. Then i ask my self "what am i going to do about this to make it better" "How can i solve this problem i am facing" and i write that down too. Physically writing is a great way to get all the crap out of your head to give yourself a break, and to be able to read it and think, Ok, this is what i need to do to change this, Find a solution and make myself feel better in the process.

5. I would recommend watching 'Tony Robbins: I am not your Guru' on Netflix. There is so much to learn from him. He is an amazing lifestyle coach and i am obsessed with listening to his motivational speeches. He is straight to the point and makes a lot of sense! I also found his 'The Power to Change Your Life Now' on Spotify and he also has other podcasts on there too. Listen to him and you cant help but feel empowered and motivated to live the life you want!

6. I love a pamper sesh. Making yourself feel good on the outside makes you instantly feel a bit better on the inside. I will have a long soak in a hot bubble bath, do my nails, deep condition my hair, moisturise my body and treat myself to a face mask. Nothing makes me feel better then when i treat myself well like that.

7. Try meditation and gentle yoga. I am no Yogi or Zen master (I wish) but the refreshing, clear feeling you get after a meditation is extraordinary. I prefer to do guided meditation to keep me on track, I like using the Headspace app for a 10min guided meditation.
Lay out your yoga mat or favourite blanket. Find a quiet spot and start with gentle yoga stretches/moves just to get your body limber and relaxed. Sit cross legged on your mat and start the meditation. Being able to clear your head and focus on breathing is a great way to get a bit of weight off your shoulders and put things into perspective. I promise you'll feel more refreshed and tranquil when you're done.

8. Lastly just do something that you enjoy! Something that makes you happy. You like going to the movies, treat yo' self! You like to do some retail therapy, treat yo' self! Just get out there and do what you want to do and you'll be set on the way to a better headspace!

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