When You're Feeling Lost

Saturday, 15 July 2017

When you're 20 years old it's easy to have that feeling of 'I'm not where i should be right now' collapse over you. You see your friends working away hard at uni, some have full time jobs, some are even starting their own families. You could have dropped out of uni, taken a gap year or fallen into an unfulfilling job, but that by no means, is a sign of you not succeeding or 'Not where you SHOULD be'.

Who determines exactly where you should be? Everyone is on a different path in life, with different goals and wanting different experiences. So you should never look to others lives and feel you're inadequate for not being where they are. You're on your own journey.

Stop thinking where you 'should' be and starting thinking where you 'want' to be. Been dreaming of quitting you 9-5 and travelling, do it. You're not happy with your university course, change it. Stop trying to live up to societies or families expectations and just do what makes YOU happy.

If you're feeling lost, it's okay. The right path will come to you in time, You just need to trust in your gut feeling and the universe and all will work out. Don't feel you have to nail down a serious job at this age. Explore who you are, travel the world, enrich yourself with new culture, and learn to be truly at peace with yourself.

You will find your calling, just listen to YOU.

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