Homemade Vegan Muesli

Saturday, 8 July 2017

I love muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast. So i thought, why don't i have a go at making it myself? I have fallen in love with this recipe which is super simple and so yummy! 
You can customise what you have inside you muesli but my base is large flat rolled oats and a 'tropical mix'. You can pick these up from every supermarket. The tropical mix usually has dried fruits, some nuts, raisins and coconut flakes.

To make this one, You will need:

Chop up any large fruits into small bitesize pieces.

Transfer all ingredients to a large mixing bowl.

Stir all up, then transfer to a sealed jar and store in a dry cupboard.

There are so many healthy nuts, seeds and dried fruits in here that makes this the best breakfast to start your day on. You can add any nuts and seeds you like, maybe go for some goji berries for a powerful antioxidant or some chopped cashew nuts for your source of vitamin E and healthy fats.

Let me know what you think of this homemade vegan muesli.

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