Quick & Easy Vegan Smoothie Bowl

Saturday, 10 June 2017

I've been really into smoothie bowls recently. A great way to get a nutritious, filling and tasty breakfast. They are completely customisable to your taste, you can make any smoothie for the base and have whatever toppings you enjoy on top.

This recipe i will share with you is packed full of good stuff. Chia seeds have 64% more potassium than a banana, antioxidants, fibre, calcium and protein to name a few. Pineapple is a rich source of vitamin c and reduces inflammation. Papaya is good for the skin and improves digestion. Mango is high in iron and aids in weightless due to its high count of vitamins and nutrients which leave the body feeling fuller for longer. Also the fibrous fruit boots the digestive function of the body by burning additional calories. Strawberries are packed with antioxidants which are good for your heart health and lowers your risk of infections and some forms of cancer. Banana's boost energy levels and contain vitamin B6 which regulates blood glucose levels and can help in times of stress and combat feeling cranky.
Mix all these super foods together and you have on super smoothie bowl! Read on below to find out how to make a vegan smoothie bowl.

 Tip: Use frozen fruits to make the smoothie bowl base. You can buy these pre packaged frozen fruit from the supermarket for a super quick and easy breakfast.

  1.  Place a 2 cups of frozen fruit into a high power blender and add 2 cups of coconut water or fruit juice or vegan milk. Blend until smoothie.
    (The trick is to not make it too watery, you want the thickness. If too thick and not blending well, add a small amounts of chosen liquid to get to desired thickness.) 


2. While smoothie is blending, prepare your toppings by slicing the fresh fruit you wish to have. 

3. Transfer smoothie into a bowl.

   4. Sprinkle some muesli on top of the smoothie bowl. This is a muesli i made myself with rolled oats, cranberries, apricot, raisins, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, dried fruits, almonds, brazil nuts and coconut.

5. Add dried coconut flakes on to the smoothie bowl.

6. Add on a sprinkle of chia seeds.

7. Lastly lay the fresh fruit on top of the smoothie bowl.

VoilĂ , here is your complete smoothie bowl ready to dig in. I hope you enjoyed this recipe let me know in the comments if you will try this.

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