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Sunday, 7 May 2017

When I first heard about the Tiny House Movement and Van Life Movement I instantly fell in love.
The idea of living in a small, simple space matched my yearning for a minimalist lifestyle, but also the fact that these homes can be moved, so you travel with your home and choose to park your house where ever, in front of a lake, in a forest, overlooking the mountains.

My goal is in the future to travel in a van that I have refurbished and designed myself. Travelling through Europe and perhaps an even longer road trip from the UK to South East Asia! I'm not sure how I would plan that as of now, but it is an idea that has lingered across my mind a few times.

I also love the idea of building your own environmentally friendly tiny home. Harnessing solar energy to power my home, repurposing old wood and furniture to build and adorn it, using a compost toilet. You will also have less utilities to pay, paying a small rent for the land you choose to live on. But the best part, like I said before, is just being able to have your home where ever you like.

Here are some of my favourite small homes and van life conversions that inspire me.

Tiny Houses by Ana White

All photos used have been linked back to the owner. Please check out there Instagram and Websites to see even more Tiny Home and Van Life photos.

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