6 Steps to Self Love and Self Care

Saturday, 29 April 2017

It's so easy now a days to get caught up in the materialistic, 'fake' world that social media can be and see airbrushed, perfectly picked photographs and 'Instagram Worthy' settings, that it is easy to feel inadequate.
Too much comparing and wishing you had this and that and forgetting that what you have is perfectly okay and beautiful. For this is the vessel we where blessed with, so we need to nurture and accept and love what we have.

Sometimes we must remind ourselves to not get caught up in that and start loving and looking after ourselves a bit more, I know I need a reminder every now and then. Here's my 6 tips to keep you doing just that.

1. Take a social media break - This is important, put down that phone, close that laptop and just take a break. You don't need to be keeping up with every little thing in other people's lives all the time.

2. When you say something negative about yourself, pause - Take a minute to asses what you just said and take it back, why break yourself down? Who does this benefit? Not you, replace that thought with 'Actually ... not that bad, I love ... about myself."

3. Make You time - Have a pamper day. This is my go to when I'm feeling shitty. Have a long bath, exfoliate, shave, deep conditioner your hair, nails, face mask, the lot! Make yourself feel beautiful.

4. Stop Comparing - This is easier said than done, but everyone is uniquely different, don't strive to be someone else. Accept what you have and love who you are. Society has made us think a certain body type is the 'Perfect" body. But fuck that, feeling happy in your own skin no matter what shape, size or colour is the most beautiful thing.

5. Calm Your Mind - start to meditate, only 5 minutes in the morning or before bed. Use this as a time to focus your thoughts and emotions and feel some peace in the hectic lives we all lead. You'll be amazed at how refreshed and light you feel after taking a break.

6. Be Grateful - It's easy to hear ourselves saying I wish I had this or I want that, but we never stop to take a second to be grateful for all we already have. Even if down to the smallest thing like, no traffic on the way to work or being grateful for the support network around you. At the end of the day think to yourself or write down all the things you're grateful for and all that went well that day.

There is more i could add to this list but lets keep it short and sweet for now. Let me know what self love and care things you do.

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