Gertrude & Alice - Bondi

Sunday, 24 January 2016

I stumbled across Gertrude & Alice while having a walk around Bondi and it quickly became my favorite place in Sydney. 

It's a quirky bookshop cafĂ© near Bondi Beach. They have a small but delicious food and drink menu. They also cater to the Vegan diet and have a tasty, raw vegan brownie which I would highly recommend! 

My favorite thing about this place is that it is a little bookshop/reading room. It has a huge selection of books and I find it reminds me of my grandparents. 
It's quite old school. They have creaky old wooden floors, small real wood seating areas and stools, floral armchairs in the corners, it gives the space such a vintage feel. 
The atmosphere in there is lovely. The low hum of people chatting and catching up over a coffee, but the peacefulness which allows you to read in quiet. 
They also have a great playlist of old music gently playing in the background which fits the place perfectly. 

I would highly recommend visiting this place and sampling their delicious menu and take some time out from your phone and read some books. 

Avocado on Sourdough with tomato, basil and olive oil. 

 Banana and coconut water smoothie with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

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