A Day in Pictures #3 - Botanical Gardens

Sunday, 24 January 2016

I spent my afternoon walking around the Sydney Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day so it was perfect day to enjoy the charm of the gardens. 

I love that the garden is in the CBD. When your inside it's an area of tranquillity compared to the busy concrete jungle that is the city. However from inside you can still see the city skyline around you. 

The stunning, well kept gardens are a great place to come for a picnic or a break from the busy city to sit and relax like I did. I bought my book with me and setteled under the shade of a tree that overlooked the harbour. 
It was lovely being able to take that time away from the city rush and put my phone down and just enjoy the outside while reading. It's definatly something I need to do more and I would reccommend that to you too! 


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