Whitsundays: Atlantic Clipper

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Last weekend I went to Airlie Beach, a really cute little town and from there I got the Clipper Boat to travel around the Whitsundays Islands. 
It was a 2 day 2 night trip and it was the best trip I've been in so far!

There was a huge group of us and everyone was lovely. The first day we where introduced the fab crew who looked after us and we stopped off at an area where we could swim in the beautiful ocean. 
Later that night after a fair few glasses of goon and beers we started the karaoke. The whole boat did a massive singalong to Greece Summer Lovin' it was a great laugh! 

The next day we woke up at the crack of dawn to the crew singing in the cabins! Bleary eyed, we dragged ourself out of bed with our goonovers and had breakfast and got ready for the day! 
We sailed to Whitehaven beach and tracked through the forest, where we saw Gary the Iguana wondering about. 

Then we arrived at the beach itself, which was a 7km stretch of stunning, white, pure silica sand. It features in the top 10 best beaches in the world and you can really see why. 
The ocean was so clear and warm to get in. We had a swim and a sunbathe and took in the delightful views. 

Later on that day we sailed to the next island and trecked through the forest to the view point which gives you the most fascinating views of the islands. 

We also had the opportunity to snorkel and dive over the reef.

As I was snorkelling I hit my foot into a massive rock and it became a bit of a bloody mess. But I survived! 
Then I decided to go scuba diving. The gear was so heavy that when I went in the water I kept on falling backwards, but I finally for the hang of it and the breathing and we went down to explore the reef up close. 
It was amazing swimming in such close proximity to the colourful fish, I will love to scuba dive again!

That night we all had a lovely dinner together and then got on the beers and goon again. This time we were waiting for the infamous 'Show' that the crew put on. They threw a dressing up box up to the top deck and we all got glammed up. 

Then 2 crew members came out dressed in tutu's and started dancing and getting us all ready for the games ahead. The whole boat participated in games until the final round where 5 people had to do a dance off, this concluded who would be the King or Queen of the Clipper. It was awarded to Gus after his extravagant (nude) dance. 
We carried on drinking and dancing until lights off and it was a great end to an incredible day. 

The next day we headed back to land with a quick swim stop on the way. Everyone lounged in the sun and reminisced the past days. 
When we got off the boat we instantly realised how much we will miss it after meeting some great new friends! 

Would recommend this trip to everyone it was so much fun! 

- Nikki 

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