Tuesday, 18 August 2015

So, in 20 days I will be leaving everything behind to go and travel Australia. 

I am so exited for this new journey. My whole life travelling has always been the top of my list and I can't believe I'm finally doing this! 
After 26 hours of travel my friend and I will finally arrive in Melbourne. I think the first thing we will want to do is sleep! So straight to the hostel in St Kilda it is.
From then on we haven't got a set in stone plan. The rough idea is to travel up the East Coast while working as well. Hopefully we will be in a house by Christmas.
It will be quite surreal spending Christmas away from family. I've spent the last 18 years doing this exact same thing! But it will be a fab experience. Might have a BBQ on the beach!
I almost don't know what to expect from this trip but I am so ready to go and experience all the beauty Australia has to offer as well meeting new people and experiencing new things.

Currently counting down the days....

- Nikki

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