Tuesday, 18 August 2015

So, in 20 days I will be leaving everything behind to go and travel Australia. 

I am so exited for this new journey. My whole life travelling has always been the top of my list and I can't believe I'm finally doing this! 
After 26 hours of travel my friend and I will finally arrive in Melbourne. I think the first thing we will want to do is sleep! So straight to the hostel in St Kilda it is.
From then on we haven't got a set in stone plan. The rough idea is to travel up the East Coast while working as well. Hopefully we will be in a house by Christmas.
It will be quite surreal spending Christmas away from family. I've spent the last 18 years doing this exact same thing! But it will be a fab experience. Might have a BBQ on the beach!
I almost don't know what to expect from this trip but I am so ready to go and experience all the beauty Australia has to offer as well meeting new people and experiencing new things.

Currently counting down the days....

- Nikki


Monday, 10 August 2015

Just a quick outfit of the day that I wore while travelling to Rome. 
I wanted to go comfy but stylish. 

Here I am wearing an off the shoulder black top from Primark and a khaki maxi skirt from Primark. I accessorised with a dream catcher like necklace and my floppy hat from River Island. 
I wore black sandles to keep the look simple and also they're easy to take off for when you pas through security at the airport. 

Simple but a comfortable, stylish choice to travel in! 

I bought my over the body hippy bag with an embroidered elephant on the side  as my hand luggage and also as my bag to use day to day in Rome. 

In my bag I carried phone charger +portable charger for the plane. Ear phones, Chewing gum, makeup to touch up, hand sanitiser/wipes, hair bands and book. 

Also I invested in a travel document holder from H&M. Mine was brown leather and could hold the boarding passes and passports comfertably. 
I found this was very useful for staying organised as I was the one to look after my sisters important documentation too. 
I would defiantly reccommend to purchase one of these. :)

- Nikki 


A few weeks ago I travelled to Rome for a few days to travel around the beautiful city.
I had a lovely time visiting all the famous landmarks; Colosseum, Roman Forum, St Peters Basilica and the Trevi Fountain to name a few. Talking about the Trevi Fountain, unfortunately it was closed and drained for renovation so missed out on seeing it in all it's glory! Still a beautiful piece of architecture. 
I was amazed by the history and architecture in this ancient city would defiantly recommend anyone to visit that city!
We had amazing hot wether those few days too and enjoyed some tasty, authentic Italian food also.

I spent the first day map reading and leading my sister and I around the city to some famous landmarks. That day we walked for miles, but all in the right direction to the suprise of me and my sister! My map reading skills are surprisingly very good :)
We found a small Italian, locally run coffee shop where my sister and I enjoyed a fruit salad and an ice cold drink after our trek in the blazing heat. It was lovely in there because it was all locals. 
Men would be coming in for there freshly made expressos, have a little chat then go on with their day. It was great to have found somewhere off the tourist hot spot area, You get to see the real Italy that way.

On the 2nd day my sister and I decided to get the hop on hop off, open top tourist bus. It was a great way to travel to all the main places in one day and it was quite reasonable. We spent the day in Vatican City, looking around the museum and St Peters. The history and work of Michelangelo is truly incredible!

On the 3rd and last day, we explored the Colosseum, Farnese Gardens and Roman Forum. Again this area is so rich in history it's strange to think about all the things that happened there and here you are, standing there 1,000's of years later.

It was a privilege to visit this fascinating city.
Here are a selection of photo's from my travels.

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